Eclipse plugin CSV Editor


If you are an eclipse user / developer and you have to manage csv file, the CSV Edit plugin is for you.





You can choose to edit your files :

  • From the source editor
  • The source editor has been enhanced to help you differentiate your data from the different column using a color mechanism

  • From a table view representing the csv data
  • The table editing is definitly the added value of the plugin and allows a bunch of operation on your csv file

List of Features:

  • Easy editing in table view
  • Insertion and deletion of table rows

  • Insertion and deletion of table column
  • Filtering of data in table view
  • Customize view with hidding/display of column to simplify the view
  • Manage your column with moving/resizing columns
  • Sorting data in column
  • Manage your own CSV settings
  • Easily identify the column even from the source editor with 2 different colors



If you have any issue working with the plugin, you can contact the CSV Edit Team at

Please help us make CSV Edit a better product by providing any errors you face or any ideas that could make the plugin easier to work with