xml2xls is a command-line tool that helps you manage your security information in an excel format.

If you are using Ariba Sourcing 4.4, you are not able to export all security information in a human readable way (specially for buyers). The only possibility is to export all the content in an xml file. The xml2xls tool allows you to convert this xml into an excel file where you can manage your information.

Security information contains:

  • All suppliers data, including supplier address and full profile (the attachment are not  exported though)
  • All users data (internal and external users), including their full profile
  • All Groups, Roles and Permissions definition
  • All the mapping between the above information (GroupRoleMap, GroupUserMap, etc)

The excel file is an easy to read file with all information separated by tab, the different tabs defined are :

  • Organization
  • SupplierOrganization
  • SupplierOrganizationIDPart
  • User
  • Group
  • Role
  • RolePermissionMap
  • Permission
  • GroupChildGroupMap
  • GroupUserMap
  • RoleChildRoleMap
  • UserRoleMap
  • GroupRoleMap

The xml2xls has been optimized to run quickly, it takes 15 sec to convert an 70 MB xml file.

Requirements :

You must have Java installed, either Java 1.4 or Java 1.5 at minimum

From the command line, you can run java –version to know which version of Java is installed

Instructions :

Download the xml2xls.zip file for your version of Java

Unzip the content in your local drive (say C:\xml2xls)

This is a command line tool, you can run it from command line :


The excel file generated will be at the same location of the xml file and will have the same name with .xls extension name


xml2xls d:\aribaFile\securityFile\security.xml

The file generated will be d:\aribaFile\securityFile\security.xls

Links :

You can download the 2 versions of the tool here:
xml2xls-1.5.zip if you have at minimum Java 1.5
xml2xls-1.4.zip if you have Java 1.4